Motion Graphics

These motion graphics were created to explore the fundamentals of motion design and animation, as well as allowing myself room to develop playful concepts outside of what my typical design work calls for. The design process behind these can be applied to a number of branding applications, including logo reveal animations and eye-catching social media graphics. Visit my Instagram to see more motion work!

An animation of the word "hey" in pink and red colors.An animation of a cute purple ouija board spelling out the word "Thanks."An animation of Chinese takeout food.An animation of the city Rome, Italy.An animation of the word "Vote."An animation of the word "Vote."An animation of a cute ghost floating on a purple background.An animation of the winged horse Pegasus from Greek mythology trotting.Animated icons showing different aspects of autumn, like candles and hot chocolate.An animation of a rainbow and clouds.An animation of a crystal ball with the word "Hello" appearing and then disappearing.An animation of a jack-o-lantern bouncing and showing different faces.