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Apparel Design

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is the largest civil rights organization working to achieve full equality for LGBTQ Americans, boasting over 3 million members and supporters. I was tasked with updating the appearance of HRC’s official e-commerce merchandise store to align with the redesign of, designed by the agency Viget, as well as designing supporting digital marketing materials and select best-selling apparel graphics.  Ultimately, these design updates have helped to create a sustained increase in sales.

Designing for the HRC store posed a unique challenge, as it required a synthesis of the existing design system with a visual strategy that instead prioritized driving merchandise sales. Also, the store’s user base is diverse, with a wide variety of needs and preferences. Upgrades to the site focused on accessibility, streamlining the mobile and desktop experience, and simplifying layouts to better direct users through the conversion path. Vibrant user-generated content is central to all the store’s marketing materials, embracing the grassroots nature of the organization and ensuring that HRC’s audience sees themselves on every page.

Due to a robust digital marketing strategy, the site attracts many casual shoppers who are interested in purchasing LGBTQ merchandise but may not have a familiarity with or interest in HRC specifically. To engage these valuable users, HRC’s official brand colors are used as supporting components, while emotive photos of best-selling merchandise take center stage. A rainbow accent added to the navigation provides an extra dash of vibrancy and recognition for casual shoppers looking to add some pride to their outfits.

The desktop hero section of the homepage of HRC's ecommerce merchandise store.The desktop homepage of HRC's ecommerce merchandise store, showing a diverse group of people wearing HRC merchandise.The mobile website design for the Human Rights Campaign's ecommerce merchandise store.
The desktop product page for the Human Rights Campaign's ecommerce store.The mobile product page for the Human Rights Campaign's ecommerce store.

Promotional email newsletters for the e-commerce store (below) are sent both to existing customers and HRC members who have never purchased merchandise, so a variety of approaches and merchandise selections are used.

An email newsletter promoting Valentine's Day themed merchandise for HRC.An email newsletter featuring a diverse group of people wearing and using HRC merchandise with the header "Thank You."An email newsletter promoting merchandise featuring HRC's equal sign logo.
A collage of several rainbow t-shirt designs created for HRC.A collage featuring a t-shirt designed for HRC that says "We Don't Just Believe Women, We Vote for Them."