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Vexed is an upcoming online journal providing retrospective analysis of film, literature, and history through long-form essays. While the content is reminiscent of traditional academic publications in its approach and level of thorough research, the dashes of dry humor and wit make it unique. The content is produced by an independent writer, while I was tasked with designing the journal’s brand identity and website. Typography from print publication covers in the 1970s informed the design of the logotype, referencing both the retrospective nature of the journal and the sometimes biting wit in its sharp edges. The website’s design puts the content first and foremost, prioritizing ease of reading for the user.

A black logotype that says the word "Vexed."The desktop homepage of the Vexed website, showing previews for the essay and blog content on the site.An example of a desktop essay page on the Vexed website.An example of a desktop essay page on the Vexed website.The mobile design for the Vexed website.
The Vexed website mocked up on a mobile phone, sitting on top of an opened history book.An animation of the Vexed logotype.